Yuliati H. Sipahutar 1 dan Bambang Budi Sasmito 2


A research have been done with experiment in two phase, the first phase were carageenan extraction and physical as well as chemictry analyses. Second phase were main research, i..e carp nugget’s processing with carageenan treatment of 0,1,2,3%. The product then to be evaluated with organoleptic and proximate analysis. The evaluation result then to be compared to commercial product.
Convendish plan have been done with Completely Random Design with carageenan concentration treatment, to calculate physical and proximate test. A significant difference analysis advanced with Duncan test, and for the sensory statistic analysis, Kruskal Wallis was applied; when there was a real difference then followed by Multiple Comparison test.
At the introduction phase, obtained that carageenan with rendemen 39%, viskosity 878 cps, gel strength 1728 g/cm2, sulphate content 14,60% water content 8,69% and dust content 14,01%. From Kruskal Wallis test resut known that carageenan influenced to panelists’preference to carp nugget texture. From Multiple Comparison test known that there were no difference on aroma among the 0,1,2,3 % concentration carrageenan addition.
From the physical test and analysis indicate that carageenan addition makes no influence to elasticity and brightness value (L), a (florid) value dan b (yellowness) value, but give real influence on the carp nugget hardeness value. From Duncan test result known that there was significcant difference between 1% dan 2% treatment and 3% treatment. Whereas 1 % and 2% treatment give hardeness value which approached commercial fish nugget hardeness value.
According sensorik dan physical value, 1% addition was the preferred product with water content 53,16%, dust content 3,02%, protein content 10,96%, fat content 14,54% and carbohydrate content18.31%.

Key words. Crap nugget, carageenan concentration, quality nugget

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